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Schlock Meister Myron Fass

Myron Fass was probably the biggest schlock meister in magazine publishing in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. He published anything that would sell 20-30,000 copies and even some that didn't. His companies magazines would use public domain photos and even ones from the USSR as they wouldn't sue in the US courts. much of what he published was made up or plagiarized. Truth or facts were not important, only what sold.

His partner until the fall of 1977 was Stanley R. Harris who now publishes as Harris Publications. They both ran the company best known as Countrywide Publications together until Myron pistol whipped Stanley and they split. The magazines published by Fass became even sleazier once Harris left.

Fass was well known for capitalizing on celebrity deaths, including Martin Luther King and Elvis Presley. It was typical of them to put together a magazine over a weekend. They usually had the magazine on the stands within days. He also did unauthorized magazines on live celebrities like The Beatles, John Denver, Farrah Fawcett, Jacqueline Kennedy, Led Zepplin, and Priscilla Presley.

The comic books he published ranged from a standard format superhero (Captain Marvel), to black & white erotic magazines (Gasm) to horror reprints/cheap knockoffs like Horror Tales, Weird and Witches Tales (Eerie Publications). All cheaply done with no respect for royalties, rights, or quality. You'd think that he'd have a little more respect for comics since he once was a artist in the Golden Age.

Under at least 10 different company names, he published an uncountable number of magazines. His men's mags had titles like Jaguar, Erotica, He & She, Him & Her, Flick, Duke, Photo-rama, Pic, Photo, Poorboy, Stud, and Buccaneer.

Most of his magazines gave you a clue to their contents with their names The American Horseman, Ancient Astronauts, .44 Magnum, Acid Rock, Choopers, Clones, Crime, Cycle Illustrated, Dog Show, Gun Pro, Kong, Mobs and Their Gangs, Murder Squad Detective, Official UFO, Outdoor Sports Life, Punk Rock, Space Wars, Street Car Racer, Hall of Fame Wrestling, True War, and many, many others.

So why should you care? First, millions of people bought his magazines. He must have touched something that people wanted to know about. If we can find out what he published we have have an idea of the trends of popular culture. Since he sold so many magazines, and most people believe everything they read in print, he must have influenced millions of people.

And, there must be a ton of untold, fascinating stories from people who worked for him, just by considering the ones I heard so far.

So, if you worked there or know anything about him, I'd love to hear from you. Him and his companies are an ongoing research project for me. I'll be sure to keep you updated as I progress.



martin luther king

hi...i have the collector's edition memorial mag...Martin Luther King published by myron fass and just wanted to know if you might know what it is worth...thanks...my e-mail is tresnic@gmail.com


Myron Fass

I had the "pleasure" of working with Myron and his son David in Ocala Fl from '91 -'93 they where throwing together four or five titles
at the time, mostly firearm enthusiast mags.
and a celebrity expose' called "Confessions of the rich and famous" all very yellow,
put together by pulling photos from the AP wire and inventing scenarios, from Ocala they moved
to Boca Raton Fl.I lost touch with him owing me

Re: Myron Fass

None of what you say surprises me as that seemed to be his standard method of operations.

That period of his life is pretty murky to me. Would you be willing to share some of your experiences? If you would, send me an email at: tstroup coldcut com. I would really appreciate it.


Re: Myron Fass

Knew his son David very well from age 12-15. If you are interested in any info contact me at ethanetan@hotmail.com

Myron Fass' Captain Marvel SPLIT!

I am currently working on a book about the many Captain Marvels and have managed to acquire every issue of Myron Fass' short lived robot from outer space.

Alter Ego magazine recently reprinted a Wall Street Journal article about how Fass sued Martin Goodman, Stan Lee, Gene Colan, the printing company, and the distribution company for use of the Captain Marvel trademark by Marvel Comics.

The article also points out that Fass had threatened Hearst Corp for legal action over their teen magazine "Eye," a title which he had already used for a girlie mag. Fass then sold the rights toi the title to Hearst, and changed the name of his magazine to "Bold."